Emonika City Center History

20. April 2009

New master plan of Passanger Center Ljubljana was adopted; station hall is over the tracks while tracks and trains stayed on the level 0 (zero); changing the Emonika plans accordingly

2008 - 2009

Changing the design of Emonika City Center to get the agreement of the City.


Changing the design of Business tower to fit into the dimensions of the Master plan

October 2007

Signing of Joint Venture Agreement between TriGranit and Slovenske ┼żeleznice.

August 2007

TriGranit concluded a contract with the Municipality of Ljubljana on the equipping of lots and cooperation on the project realized under the Emonika trademark


New urban plan of the City; nothing should be build under the corridor of the tracks for the reason of possibility for lowering the tracks anytime in the future if the State decides for that project. For that reason the station hall should be build over the tracks and no other construction should interfere with the corridor

October 2006

Master plan of Passanger Center Ljubljana was adopted; the passenger hall is under the tracks while the tracks and trains are on the level 0 (zero).


TriGranit Development Corporation was chosen for the construction of the Passenger Centre Ljubljana at the international architecture competition

October 2002

Public tender for urban organisation of Passanger Center Ljubljana was announced and the group of Slovenian architects won