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We are aware that the Emonika project that we are building in the Ljubljana city center is very important project for the city of Ljubljana. Emonika project and the role of investor TriGranit raise a lot of attention and made a lot of different expert opinions, contributions, proposals and questions regarding placing Emonika in this area, its urbanistic and architectural design, influence on the environment and its economical justification. To re-establish dialog with experts and citizens of Ljubljana we decided to form Civil Council Emonika.

Purpose and aims of Civil Council Emonika

The purpose and aims of establishing Civil Council Emonika are:

  • to enable the possibility of cooperation of key publics of project Emonika,
  • to acquire different experts’ standpoints,
  • to exchange and receive initiatives, expert suggestions and ideas,
  • to establish the space and create opportunities for straight answers to open questions,
  • to enable the detail insight into Emonika project,
  • to explain certain decisions of investors and professionally argument the planned future steps of the project