City Center's profile Mission and vision

The company Emonika d.o.o. is a joint venture of TriGranit Development Corporation and Slovenske železnice. The partners found a joint company Emonika d.o.o. for the development of Emonika project in the scope of a public-private partnership. TriGranit also concluded a contract with the Municipality of Ljubljana on the equipping of lots and cooperation on the project realized under the Emonika trademark


TriGranit has decided to cooperate in the public-private partnership of Emonika construction with the purpose to realize a good project in an exquisite modern urban centre satisfying public, residential, and business needs of Ljubljana and Slovenia.



Slovenian Railway Company –Slovenske železnice

The company Slovenske železnice is owned completely by the state. Its main activities consist of passenger transport, freight transport, and infrastructure management. Slovenske železnice is cooperating in the public-private partnership in order to realize one of the biggest projects in Ljubljana. Emonika will provide the necessary new public logistic centre while Slovenia will acquire a modern and state-of-the-art logistic infrastructure centre. Slovenske železnice does not only see an upgrade to the infrastructural needs of the city in Emonika; but a project which will positively influence the lives of the city and the state.